Little Prince’s farewell

Cuando compartes tu tiempo con un estudiante erasmus sabes que se irá tarde o temprano. Los últimos dos meses y medio ha estado tocándome la patata una erasmus. Con sus más y sus menos, sus roces culturales y el típico momento “lost in translation” pero  al menos es posible que me haya sentido menos bala perdida y haya tenido algo de estabilidad en mi vida. Antes de despedirme, le he dado esta carta escrita a mano para que la lea cuando llegue a casa. Aunque me ha faltado pedir disculpas por mi inglés de Sergio Ramos, os aviso de que escribir cartas en un idioma que no termino de dominar no es algo que haga todos los días como cepillarme los dientes. En fin, aquí la dejo por si os interesa.

Now it’s the time. Both of us know this day will arrive. It’s time to say goodbye and moreover I want to tell you a few things more.

I want to say you that all these months I have shared with you had been a great time. You gave me stability in my chaotic life that although it’s still a mess. I learned a lot thanks to you and I don’t know how to thank to you. You’re a wonderful woman and I’m pleased to ever met you. Your optimism is inspiring. I have no doubt you are a great physio and probably a great phylosopher, and you have a wide road to run yet.

In my case, I’m just a little prince traveling through the stars and the planets looking for my rose. You had been my rose for a time, a pretty rose as beaufitul as Planet Earth but I don’t think the rose I’m waiting to find. We have things in common but we’re from two different worlds. Our personalities are completely different. You have always wanted to occupy my time and I’m a solitary person, I love my solitude and I love being alone with my thoughts. I think this is something you’ve never finished to understand.

Somehow, I felt so close to you in my way and I love you so much. I would like to keep contact with you wherever we are, you influenced me a lot. I discovered new music, new places in the same old city and most important: new ideas I did not have.

Now our paths diverge. I prefer to not see us these last days here, first of all because how I told you I’m very busy and I have no time. I have to study hard and to do a lot of important things. But especially because I don’t want to do this farewell harder for me. I hope you can understand my choice and respect him.

Please don’t faze me telling me about to meet up in Berlin, in Latvia or Valencia now or in a future. For me it is not easy to think in that kind of trips if I know I won’t do because like I told you I don’t have money, neither a job and I’m econimically dependent of my old man. I don’t know if I will travel this summer and I neither know what I will do with my life next year, I don’t know if I will be in VLC and I almost can’t stop to think about it, so when I talk with people I don’t want to hear about. Maybe you have hype to know when we will meet again and I can’t know and I can’t say an exact date for that.

For all of this, I want you to let you know I hope you will be happy. It’s all I wish. I enjoyed it so much the time we were together, the museum visit was nice, the sex nights were wonderful, all the time with you I will never forget. Really I want you to be happy. I know you will find soon a great man to spend your life with, you will have beautiful kids that will listen hard metal bands and you will get all your goals because I know you’re able to get.

Maybe this farewell turns in a few years in a “see you soon”. Now, I just want to tell you I’m thankful of all you gave me and made me growth as person and you will be always in the deep of my heart.





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